God’s Book Publisher

God’s Book Publisher

My idea is to publish your own books but also help your passion church member publish their own books too. Today it could be only $5 per book you print! Self-publishing your own book can be safer by blogging

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How To Write Your Own Book

  1. Write blog post everyday for one year.
  2. Mix them together of your best blog post for you first draft of your book

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Benefits of blogging

  1. Help you clarify your ideas for your book
  2. Get your church members reaction to your ideas of your book
  3. Free marketing of your new book before you sell your new book
  4. Free marketing for your church
  5. Get pre-orders of your book

Most books are inbetween 150 pages to 300 pages long so within one year of blogging daily you could create a book.

Cost of Self-Publishing
The cost is not just about printing books but also marketing, website.
  1. Printing books cost is base on how many books you’re going to print it’s inbetween $10 to $5 or less
  2. Website – $2k or less if you build it yourself
  3. Marketing – ideally for every dollar you pay for marketing you get $10 back but most people go for $1 for $1

Total cost could be as low as $3k

Becoming a Book Publisher for others

From my understanding the book publisher buy some of the book rights from author before the author write their book & the book publisher help the author by having  proof writers/editors & than help market the new book to book stores to make a profit.

Why become a book publisher?

  • Help your church members that have a passion for writing do what they love.
  • It’s a way of market the church.
  • It’s profitable if done right.

How To Make It Work

  • The book must be good enough to sell at least 300 copies
  • The book lead the reader back to the church
  • The book must make the reader feel like joining the email news letter (This will help with the next books so you don’t have market the next book as much.)
  • Book Publisher must make a profit with a year paying the would-be author to write a book.

Bottom line is you must break even or better yet make a profit because for every dollar you make in profit is one more dollar the church can use to help someone find God.


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