Jesus Is Born Join Hope Nation Podcast Episode 6

YouTubeHello & Welcome to Join Hope Nation Podcast
It’s December 2017 this is episode 6
I am your friend & host Dorian Howell

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

JoinHopeNation PodcastSHOW NOTES (Coming soon)

Repeat after me.
Oh Heavenly Father
I ask you God to bless our podcast
To bless this message
To bless everyone who listen to this message
In Jesus Name

Thank you for praying with me

Our topic is Jesus is born

Let’s Pray for your family & Friends
Picture the faces of your family members & friends as you repeat after me.
oh heavenly Lord
Thank you for the people in my life
oh Lord
I ask you to give them Wisdom
Give them Strength
Give them Health
Help my family & friends with
believe in yourselftheir relationships with you Lord
Help them get peace & happiness
Help them grow wealth in all areas
In Jesus name

Step by step to Heaven
based on my understanding of the Holy Bible
– Jesus said Heaven is a breathe away
– Only God can judge anyone & HOW YOU judge others is HOW GOD WILL JUDGE YOU
1. Believe in God, believe that God is alive Believe in Jesus
2. Make God your best friend
3. Pray talk with God daily
4. Read & Study the Holy Bible
5. Get Baptized this is a public commandment of your faith
6. Share your faith with anyone who will listen
7. Be the best you can be by being role model.

First step to Heaven
Salvation Prayer
Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins
Come in to my Heart
Wash me clean
I’ll make you
My Lord & Savor
In Jesus name
Amen, Amen, Amen

Thank you for listening to our podcast &
God bless you
God bless your family & friends
God bless the World

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