My Testimony Ep3 Podcast

My Testimony Ep3 Podcast

Thank YouHello & Welcome to Join Hope Nation Podcast
It’s September 2017 this is ep 3
I’m your friend & host my name is Dorian Howell

  • Let’s do a quick pray
    Oh heavenly Father.
  • I ask you to bless our podcast.
  • & may this message bless everyone who listen to it.
  • in Jesus name.
  • Amen

Our topic is My Testimony
God finds a unique way to save me

I’m personal fitness trainer multiple certifications like I’m Tai Chi teacher, I’m yoga teacher, I’m group cardio fitness instructor.
I mainly work with seniors about basic fitness & focus on pain relief.
I become interest into fitness because I wanted to look better but later on it because I been in cars accidents that made my body not feel good so my main desire became to feel better.

I never went to church that much as adult but a Tai Chi student of mine invited me and my family to his church for Easter Sunday Service I enjoy it and it set me on the path to make Jesus the lord & savor of my life.

Getting Baptized
A short meaning of Baptized is it is public commandment of your faith.
after I going to 5+ churches I finally found a right church that offered Beach Baptized that made it sound even more special plus it was on a day I could go.

it took me 6 months after first getting invited to Easter Sunday to find the right church but first I had more challenges to go thru to get Baptized.

Day of Beach Baptized had bad weather with heavy raining at the parking lot was no sign of the church so my first through was they canceled it, after waiting a bit I walked over to the sandy & found a small tent it was them.

I had to be in the rain for what felt like hours because their tent was to small & there was so many people.

What made this day even more challenging was that this of the staff was saying they might have to cancel because of the rain & the Pastor was stuck in traffic.

In my heart I felt that waiting 6 months was long enough I was shivering cold at this point & finally I hear the Pastor Joey Sarlo is here!

What was interesting was that after I got Baptized by Pastor Joey it stop raining & quickly become a really beautiful day, the water was warm even though it been raining for a long time. I felt that this was a sign from God welcoming me in.

Some of the things I noticed changed was
I now earn 40% more money.
I got more relax & calm.
I physically feel better.

Salvation Prayer or forgiveness Prayer
Just say after me
Lord Jesus,
I repent of my sins
I ask you Lord
Forgive me of my sins.
Come in to my life,
Wash me clean
& Make me brand new
I’ll make you
Lord & Savor
In Jesus name

Step by step to Heaven 
Based on my understanding of the Holy Bible
Jesus said Heaven is a breath away.
I think that means Heaven on Earth you can feel it.
Only God can judge anyone & how you judge others is how God will judge you because God is the only one that is without sin
Believe in God, Believe that God is alive, Believe in Jesus
Pray the Salvation Prayer
Make God your best friend
Pray with God daily
Get Baptized it is public commandment of your faith
Share your faith with anyone who will listen
Be the best you can be by being a public role model of good.


Music used in podcast
Accidents Will Happen.
Opening Night.
Hot Heat.
by youtube.
Fur Elise by Beethoven.
Master of the Feast.
by incompetech.

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